“The pursuit of legal endeavours by all those involved relating to medicine and health care requires the study of a medical dictionary which not only defines a particular medical word in the science of medicine with accuracy but discusses various aspects emerging out of that word based on medical and, where found necessary, with legal analysis. Gan Choudhury’s Medico-Legal Dictionary and Jurisprudence serves this purpose exceedingly well….The dictionary will be of immense value to the consumers and distributors of medical and health care services, social security investigators, lawyers and judges dealing with medico-legal cases”.
P.N.Bhagwati, Former Chief Justice of India.


Altamas Kabir
“Finally,a well-researched dictionary with medico-legal analysis of various words used in the science of medicine,amongst others, has ben presented by Tapas Gan Choudhury.The genius and usefulness of Gan Choudhury’s Medico Legal Dictionary and Jurisprudence is that issue involving the use of many medical terms have been analysed with sound and balanced judgment”.
Altamas Kabir, Formar Chief Justice of India.


Ganendra Narayan Ray
The Book(Gan Choudhury’s Medico Legal Dictionary and Jurisprudence)will be of great use in view of the growing awareness and sensitivity all over India about the medical negligence and other lapses taking place in different medical institutions,hospitals, nursing homes etc.That apart, one certainly will be interested to study the medical dictionary and the jurisprudence in medicine because everyday we come in contact with various medical problems.The dictionary will be of much help in this regard too.
Ganendra Narayan Ray,Former Judge, Supreme Court of India


Shivaraj V. Patil
“This book of utility and quality is an excellent contribution not in one field but in three.It has an integrated approach of three related subjects of Law, Medicine and Jurisprudence.This dictionary is quite expansive besides being comprehensive, defining words/terms in as many words as required,not less not more,touching various aspects including their import and impact in terms of law.Wherever necessary,they are supported by judicial pronouncements as to how they are read,understood and interpreted’.
Shivaraj V. Patil, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India


Chittatosh Mookerjee
The idea of combining two distinct disciplines of knowledge-‘medicine’ and ‘law’ in Gan Choudhury’s Medico Legal Dictionary and Jurisprudence is something entirely new.The dictionary follows predictable criteria with user-friendliness as its primary object.I am confident that the dictionary will be of great use not only to the judges but also to both legal and medical practitioners in dealing with medico-legal cases.
Chittatosh Mookerjee, Former Chief Justice of Calcutta and Bombay High Courts


Manjula Chellur
Medical jurisprudence is getting importance now-a-days with the terms like DNA, brain mapping and lie detection etc coming into picture in many cases.There is need for more awareness on medical jurisprudence with many cases of medico-legal nature coming before the courts.The book Gan Choudhury’s Medico Legal Dictionary and Jurisprudence, a rare publication, would throw light on many grey areas helping the practitioners in legal and medical profession. The dictionary would come to immense help in the administration of justice.
Manjula Chellur, Chief Justice, Calcutta High Court.


Joymalya Bagchi
The book titled Gan Choudhury’s Medico Legal Dictionary and Jurisprudence is a welcome stride in the rapidly evolving world of forensic jurisprudence.It would be a prized possession in the library of every lawyer, judge and medical expert.
Joymalya Bagchi, Judge, Calcutta High Court.


Ramkishore Choudhury
The dictionary to me is comprehensive and in-depth.It can particularly be noticed that many words not directly related to medical terms and yet important in medico-legal cases are included with their ramifications explained.In the present day context, when medico-legal cases are on increase, the need
for such a dictionary is all the more felt.
Ramkishore Choudhury,Senior Consultant,Kaitan & CO, Solicitors, Calcutta.


Dr. V.S. Rathore
Gan Choudhury’s Medico-Legal Dictionary and Jurisprudence is a massive and ambitious document for the medical fraternity.The dictionary contains elaborate critical analysis and interpretation of medico-legal terms.In my long medical career,i have not seen such a dictionary so far.the dictionary is written in an extremely stimulating style and will remain a landmark publication anywhere in the world.I have no hesitation in recommending this dictionary-a magnum opus – for every medical practitioner’s library and professional houses as a rare reference volume.
Dr. V.S. Rathore, M.B.B.S.(Hons, M.S.,M.Ch.Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Asst.Professor,CNMC,Calcutta, Consultant, Columbia Asia Hospital,Salt Lake, Kolkata


Dr. P.K. Basu
Mr. Gan Choudhury has made an enormous endeavour to write a book on such a difficult and controversial subject where opinion differs amongst the most learned lawyers and forensic experts.A dictionary of this type was an absolute need of the hour when medico-legal cases are becoming very frequent.Gan Choudhury has done extensive research to explain the meaning of different medical terms in a lucid manner.This dictionary will be an asset to the medical fraternity.
Dr. P.K. Basu,M.B.B.S., M.D.(G & O)Cal. Former Associate Professor cum Medical Superintendent, MGM Medical Colledge & L.S.K.Hospital,Bihar


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